Saturday, January 16, 2010


Stall's in 2 weeks! Probably enough time to order a batch of professional clothing labels but I'm a bit of a cheapo, apologies, and I bought this label-tape (the kind that mothers use to label their kids' school clothes) instead. Hopefully they don't wash out and people forget where and who they bought these dresses from! :( Last time I had a stall, I didn't have clothing labels or swing tags *slaps self* I'm such a bad businesswoman. Anyway, I'm in the process of designing my swing-tags now. Yay, fun font times!


diamondsinchampagne said...

I actually really think these tags are cute and quirky... good luck with the stall x

lisa + cathy said...

i can not wait till the 31st of January so I buy the dresses, oh the btw how much are you selling each one for?

Amie said...

probably $40-45 each ;)

HannahandSophie said...

is there any chance i could order one from adelaidee????

my emails


_V said...

Hi amie,
Love your blog!

Am I able to order a dress, esp the electric bue one towards the top right of the photo in this post? I'm from Melbourne, so if you have any Camby stalls soon, I can also collect.

My email is Could you provide any more information about purchasing the dress.

Thanks a bunch,

Amie said...

hi V, sorry the blue one sold at the market last weekend! i'm not up to taking custom orders as of yet, things have been really hectic for me lately!

will keep you all updated through the blog though

IDYLLE said...

wow, it's so cool that youre making all these dresses by yourself. i'm so jealous haha!