Sunday, January 10, 2010

evolution of a dress

Inspired by collections from Chloe, Lover, the 70s, flower children and rocker girlfriend Anita Pallenberg I designed, drafted the pattern for and pieced together this dress. It's an a-line tent shaped frock with a scalloped hem, fitted bust darts, flared crochet-lace sleeves and a kind of key-hole back. It took several hours spread across 4 days to complete. Unfortunately I mismeasured the length of the dress so as you can tell, it's a little bit short! I think I'll wear leggings underneath it or maybe flared jeans if I can op-shop a pair. I edited the movie with iMovie '09 and shot the video with my Panasonic Lumix camera. Apologies for the poor quality and for going overboard with effects and text haha it was my first time!

x Amie


Anonymous said...

ohhh love love!! i'm going to the op shop today, hopefully i can find some old patterns :)

thank you so much for the blog comment i added you to mine.

jack bespoke said...

thats way awesome girl. quite a talent, and so inspiring- i just got a dress form and havent been able to find the time/making excuses to do something awesome with it. ugh now i feel guilty hah, but thank you, and what a great video too

Natalie said...

love it! :)

Nerdic.. said...

Amazing, I love it.
I would def. wear it.
It's supercute, I also like your headband.
x, fashionnerdic.

Lauren Goddard said...

You're the cutest thing ever!

x x x

Faridah said...

Wow, I love this so much. You made a great video and I liked your editing. The dress is absolutely beautiful and I would totally love to wear it. Truly inspiring. xo