Wednesday, October 13, 2010

custom orders for bonita!

Click pics for larger sized photos!

Hey dudes! I'm back to Uni after a very relaxing and revitalising holidays. What did I get up to? Mostly sleeping, watching TV and general slobbery/coach-potatoing. All the good things. I also took in a very special order for a lovely lass, who needed a dress for a ball and some frocks to frolick the summer in :) It was a mammoth task - 4 dresses in about 2 weeks, including running around to find the perfect fabrics and notions! But I'm really happy I got it done in time and how they turned out. Until she emailed the request, I had never even thought of making the heart dress as an evening wear piece! Something for me to keep in mind and under my hat :)

Also some awesome news! If you haven't already read through my regular personal/fashion blog I got accepted to go on exchange next year in New York! EXCITEMENT! I've been so stoked for weeeeeks and weeks, its keeping the impending doom of Uni assessments at bay :) However this means that for the 5 months I'm over there - No Sewing Machine! TERROR! I can't have my favourite hobby for 5 months! I suppose I won't have time to sew while I'm there but I'll surely miss being able to whip up things whenever I like. In consolation though I will be in New York City, possibly bumping into Gossip Girl cast members!

At the moment I'm not able to take orders and such because end of semester assessments are piling up! I have about 10,000 words to write before Nov 8 :( I know its such an old excuse that I've used time and time again but for those at Uni or in High School right now - you know what I'm talking about! I'll get around to taking orders when I'm finished about Nov 12. Please be sure and specific about what you would like (fabric patterns/colourways) as well as have your measurements ready (bust/waist/height/skirt length preference) if you do email to place an order, just to make things more efficient (and easier for me!) Also I've set up a new email address that is more professional sounding and less lame: Hit me up style

Thanks for tuning in!
x Amie