Wednesday, September 8, 2010

amourette @ msfw!

Love on the Run...way @ 1000 Bend

I can't really put into words how wonderful and how exciting it was to see my clothes up on a catwalk and for Spring Fashion Week no less! Many a late night was spent hunched over a sewing machine or a desk sketching way into the wee hours over the past few months, putting together this little collection of sorts and even though I knew it was coming I still couldn't believe it until I saw it! I can't thank Jacqui and Rachel enough, from Lowbrow Events who organised the whole cool shindig and who were so sweet and so kind to ask me to be apart of it, along with the other awesomely rad designers Eva Q and Captain Robbo. Also I have to thank all my amazing friends and both my brothers who came and supported me, it really meant a lot to have them there and absorb all the craziness! There was a mini burlesque dance at the beginning, a couple band sets and a performance by a few drag queens at the end, srsly an interesting night :P
If you can name the movie from which this outfit was inspired by, I salute you :)
Chiffeni Rofe of The Off Pops wearing the Amourette finale dress :)

x Amie