Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New projects!

Inspired in part by the Sretsis Satin Slipper dress and the Alice Mccall After Hours dress, here is my Elysium dress :) I finished it over two days, sometimes projects just crystallize in my mind so quickly and  come together perfectly, sometimes I start projects only to finish them months later. It's lined in the bodice, has front and back darts and does up by a button with a loop and a zip in back. I'm so excited to wear this during the hot Summer :) Head on over to my tumblr for an embarrassing video of me twirling around in my dress haha

Also a note to my dear readers, at some point I'm going to delete this blog because at the present I no longer make/sell clothes under amourette by amie mai :( I recently found out there's already an amorette label that gets stocked in melbourne (slight spelling difference but I don't want anyone to get mixed up about the two). So it's back to the drawing board with coming up with a name. Any suggestions are welcome because nothing has really stuck with me yet :(

Thanks again to everyone who follows and has commented! It really means the world to me!

x Amie


Nicoleta_B said...

You have an amazing style. Love your blog!!!

Would u like to follow each other on GCF and bloglovin?

Lots of love ♥


Maycie After Five said...

Beautiful dress!