Monday, January 3, 2011

bonne annee

hey guys!

hope everybody had a merry christmas and a fun and safe new year's eve. may all good things come to you this 2011. i for one am definitely looking forward to this year being the year of adventure, being in new york for 6 months i doubt i'll have a boring moment :) sadly though i won't be taking my sewing machine with me as its just too much of a hassle and with all the things i want to do while i'm there, it leaves very little time in the way of making dresses. i'm off on the 10th and i'm so busy right now catching up with my friends saying teary goodbyes and organising all my travel stuff thus i can't take any orders until i get back, and even then, who knows? i might come back from ny with the idea that my goal in life is to become an olympic ice skater (highly unlikely given my complete lack of coordination and balance but still). i'd like to thank everybody who's commented on this blog and bought a dress, it's been so heartwarming to interact with all of you and see people excited about handmade things! everyone's support has given me so much confidence and made me believe that you don't have to approach your dreams in leaps and bounds, but in little steps and that its okay to take your time. i'm hardly the best dressmaker or designer or seamstress, but i get closer with every skill i master and each new design i put to paper. so, thanks for all the good vibes :) if you want you can keep in touch with my regular personal/style blog heartbeats, intimidation or follow my travel tumblr that i'm sharing with my bff who's going on exchange in sweden at the same time: newyorktosweden.

xx amie


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good luck! I'm sure you will have an amazing adventure :)

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I like your blog, the dresses you post are lovely x