Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SALE: "Alexa" dress

As Seen Here

I had enough fabric to make two of these "Alexa" dresses, one for me to keep and one for you!
It's roughly an Australian Size 8, can possibly fit a small 10. The fabric is not stretchy, however.
Measurements are as follows:

Armpit to Armpit: 43-44 cms across
Waist: 36-37 cms across
Length: 76 cms

Please measure up a fitting dress or shirt of your own to check whether it matches to your size. I am selling this dress for $65 AUD + Postage ($10 AUD express within Australia, $25 AUD Registered International Postage).


I'm sorry I haven't updated amourette much since I last took orders! At the end of semester I had originally planned to try and get to everybody's emails and make each and every one of you a dress but holidays got the better of me and I also just really needed a break from school. Now that Uni's started up again and I've realised I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the subjects that I've chosen, I've decided I'll be putting amourette on hiatus for a little while. When I have spare time here and there I'll post up a couple personal sewing projects I'm currently working on and maybe a couple dresses for sale - and try and vary the sizes a bit so that everyone's happy! - but unfortunately I won't be taking custom orders.

Thank you so much to everyone for being so patient and so supportive!

x Amie


_V said...

Hi Amie,
how can I purchase the dress?!?! how can i contact you?

PS: i'm a melb uni grad and know of Aa and just wanted to congratulate you on winning the young designer award at the fashion show!!!

Love your work!


Amie said...

hey V email me at ;)

m.fay said...

just stumbled upon your's darling. happy to find you, hope you stop by and say hello!