Thursday, May 13, 2010

walk, walk, fashion baby

Last Thursday I participated in the annual Aa Fashion show (for those not in Melbourne, the Australasian Association is a club at Melbourne Uni). Every year they get established local mens and womenswear designers and stores to sponsor the event and donate some clothes for our models (all picked within Aa members) to wear. This year we had pieces from Lolaraine, Jazzaval, Milly Sleeping, Esas, Batsanis Footwear, BronzeSnake, Inori, Vanguard, Ken Barrel and Therapy Shoes.
Usually its just a runway show with pre- and after- drinks but this year they decided to add a new segment for budding designers (comme moi!) a la Project Runway. I entered the two crochet/scalloped pieces in one of my previous posts and two other design teams entered theirs.
Granny undies FTW lol
Evelyn & Tran's Sass & Bide inspired pieces
Mira's origami influenced designs

After our segment, the sponsors in the front row got together to choose a winner. I was backstage with all the models and the other designer entrants, really I was just so jazzed and on a buzz from being there and being a part of the show that I don't think I even really heard them call my name! I kind of stumbled onto the catwalk a bit dazed (partly because of the heat from the lights and had drunk a few too many strawberry champagnes!) I do remember though grinning like a moron and kind of hugging my prizes like some sort of Gollum. Luckily I have no photo documentation of that! Haha

Gaha this photo is really embarrassing because I look so friggin' SHINY. But I had to post it because srsly can you tell I'm excited? I look like a maniac. And look! Viv's wearing the Quinn dress!

But of course like the old granny that I am I didn't end up staying for long after the show to mingle instead took the train home at 10.30 or so with my dear friend Viv who played photographer for the night. It was fun going through my loot on the ride home though!

x Amie


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Hey congratulations ! :) i love your designs!

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